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Ningbo fomat Elevator Co., Ltd. (formerly Ningbo duobang elevator equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd.) is located on the South Bank of Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge - Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, close to Ningbo and across the sea from Shanghai. It is located in the center of the golden triangle of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo economy, with superior geographical environment and convenient transportation.

We are a professional enterprise specializing in design, R & D, manufacturing, sales, installation, transformation, repair, maintenance and other elevator services and training. We have more business partners in China.

Our products can be professionally customized according to customer needs. We are mainly committed to providing elevator products with special requirements such as simple elevator, passenger elevator, cargo elevator, sightseeing elevator, villa elevator, sundry elevator and restaurant. They are suitable for residential, commercial buildings, hospitals, factories, supermarkets, shopping centers and other places.

In the process of development, our company pays special attention to the training of employees and the introduction of talents, and strives to improve its own quality. Continuously communicate and cooperate with many domestic scientific research institutions, and pay attention to the improvement of product quality and scientific and technological content. We are the school enterprise cooperation practice base of Shanghai elevator technology training center and the public emergency rescue unit of Ningbo elevator.

Based on the quality management concept of "making safety equipment with excellent service, perfect technology and meticulous management", the company serves our customers. Service and quality are our goals. We sincerely invite our customers to cooperate, investigate and negotiate.

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